DeMarco, Negle & Lane, LLP is a full service law firm serving clients in Pennsylvania. As an added value we are duly registered with the Pennsylvania Department of State, Corporation Bureau in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania as a Commercial Registered Office Provider. A Commercial Registered Office Provider is commonly referred to as a CROP. Under 15 P. S. Sec. 1509 all business in Pennsylvania must have a registered office address on all documents to be filed with the Department of State. The registered office cannot be a post office box. The registered office must be a physical address in Pennsylvania which our office located in Pittsburgh

Once the CROP agreement is in place the client then inserts the name “DeMarco, Negle & Lane, LLP” on all State filing and registration documents so that the requirement of a physical location in Pennsylvania is met. There will be no need the major benefit of the CROP is that the client can do business in Pennsylvania and register to comply with all laws and take advantage of our offices for service of legal process.

Because DeMarco, Negle & Lane, LLP is a law firm the annual fee is priced at $120.00 invoiced each December 31st. The initial year fee is $120 with a $20 processing charge.

In addition to the CROP services, we can provide a wide array of legal advice and representation. Our clients have made good use of the firm in other matters because the CROP Agreement provides the foundation for representation in Pennsylvania.