Firm Profile

DeMarco, Negle & Lane, LLP is committed in providing our clients with complete representation in both personal and a wide range of business matters.

To provide complete representation, our firm actively cooperates with other professional advisors of our clients and, during the course of serving as legal counsel, we are able to refer accountants, stock brokers, insurance representatives, bankers or any other specialist, as needed.

We as a firm believe that good advice follows:

Listening to the client, understanding their message, identifying issues and facts, knowledge of the law, and open communication with the client.

Good advice LEADS TO successful results in court, reduced tax challenges, strong documents, comprehensive estate planning, profitable real estate transactions, and long term client success.

We place special emphasis on use of computer programs, including spreadsheets and databases, in providing state-of-the-art representation.

We give prompt, individual and expert service to every client. Legal matters are handled in confidence and in accordance with the highest ethical and professional standards. The firm successfully fulfills the expectations of each of its clients, whether in drafting Wills, or during months of work on a complicated tax case.

Mission & Philosophy

Our mission is to represent clients in tax, estate and business matters, to provide up-to-date and complete legal advice, to allow professional growth and development among our staff and firm members, and to achieve profit for ourselves and our clients.

Our practice management philosophy is to:

  • Provide confident and straight-forward advice
  • Simplify legal proceedings as much as possible
  • Make only commitments we can meet
  • Consider our client’s welfare, needs and attitudes
  • Practice with honesty, integrity and mutual respect

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