Corporate Law & Business Planning

The lawyers at DeMarco, Negle & Lane, LLP, understand that the primary role of the business attorney is to have extensive knowledge of business law. Whether you are deciding between forming a Pennsylvania corporation, a limited liability company, or a limited liability partnership, we can help you make the correct decision. Extensive knowledge of tax code is essential to the process of deciding on a corporate structure.

We represent entrepreneurs, small, and mid-sized companies throughout the tri-state area and can offer legal advice and guidance to create strategies for growth or to resolve disputes and serve the needs of both start-up and existing businesses.

We are able to aid our clients in making important decisions regarding complex legal, accounting and tax matters, and we provide clients with a comprehensive plan for growth and development. We prepare funding requests and provide representation through loan closing. This work includes financial projections and analysis.

After a business has been established, we can advise regarding appropriate pension plans and can offer a regular review of benefit plans, employee policies, and programs required to ensure compliance with current laws.

Our firm offers advice and counsel for designing, drafting, funding and documenting benefit plans, advice and counsel on administration of trust and benefit programs, and review of corporate strategies and changes in corporate structure for their effect on benefit costs.

In addition to direct legal services, our firm is a Certified Registered Office Provider (CROP) for various businesses physically located outside of Pennsylvania.

Many small businesses do not have in-house legal counsel or a human resources department;
we can be your “general” counsel.

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