Property Tax Assessment

DeMarco, Negle & Lane, LLP have successfully represented many homeowners in appealing their proposed tax assessment increases issued either by the County or the School District in which you reside. If you feel that the assessed value of your property is incorrect, or if you have received a Notice from the Board of Property Assessment and Appeal indicating that a hearing has been scheduled, most likely the School District has already appealed your tax assessment. We can help you defend against this appeal and the above steps will apply.

The process has specific steps that need to be followed:

1) The first step in this process: You, or an attorney on your behalf, must file a tax assessment appeal with the Board of Property Assessment Appeals and Review (BPAAR). 2022 appeals MUST BE FILED NO LATER THAN MARCH 31, 2022.

A hearing will then be scheduled before an officer of the BPAAR. At this BPAAR level, if you choose to retain our law firm, we will appear on your behalf with hand selected data and comparable sale information. It may be advisable to obtain a formal appraisal.

After the hearing, a Disposition of Appeal from Real Estate notice will be sent to all parties regarding the outcome of the hearing which will either be to sustain or lower the assessment.

2) The next step in the process: If one of the parties is not satisfied with the outcome at the BPAAR level, this party may appeal which is a hearing before the Board of Viewers (BOV). There is a filing fee associated with this Appeal to the Court.

You have the following choices:

  • You can accept the County Tax Assessment as of January 1, 2022, and pay the local school and county taxes at their current rates, which may be hundreds of dollars more per year than what your property’s proper assessment. If left unpaid, these taxes CAN BE FILED AS A LIEN against your property; OR
  • Contact our firm (or another professional) to discuss filing an appeal of the Tax Assessment on your behalf and represent you before the hearing Boards.

If you would like to have a free, no-obligation discussion about our law firm helping to potentially save you money on your real estate taxes, please call us at 412-391-6533 or email us at:

Our legal fees will be fair and reasonable. We will discuss fees privately with you and obtain an engagement letter before proceeding.



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